Saturday, December 31, 2011

STS-33: Looking Ahead at 2012

Welcome to another art-less update! Yes, that's a pun and no, it's not funny. It's art-less.


So it's December 31st and there hasn't been much for us to show here and I figured now is as good a time as any to look ahead. Of course, like any good attempt at looking ahead, I'm going to look back first.

For us, 2011 has been a hell of a year. We're finally off of our asses and trying to get out there and get noticed. This site was the first real push. Of Stars and Swords also launched back in October, and while the pages are old for us, they're new for everyone else! This past year has basically been the two of us finally sticking our necks out and having a look around.

2012 is, hopefully, the year we really make things happen. So here's a look at some things to expect in the coming year.

Of Stars and Swords will continue to update weekly, of course. We're just over halfway through the Issue 0 story, and things will really kick off come the start of Issue 1. Tweaks to that website will keep happening as we figure out ways to make things flow better, and the weekly blog posts that fill out world details and other bits of prose will keep hitting with each new page.

We've got a second webcomic that should get started this year. This one's been in the works for quite a few years with an old friend of mine, and we're working on promo art right now to put together for a Kickstarter. If all goes well, you'll get to see something closer to traditional superhero work from us soon!

Sort of Secret Project #1. It's possible that Caroline and I are looking at a way to release that first comic we made together, The End, in a format with other, newer works of similar content and length. Possibly. Maybe. If you haven't read The End, you can right here:

Sort of Secret Project #2. I'll admit to having a creative 'problem'. I write too much at times. Ideas come, I flesh them out until I find something that can be done with it or shelve it for later. That means, at any one time, while Caroline is focused on one or two things we're working on, my headspace is in about ten. Because of this, Caroline has encouraged me to tackle something almost entirely on my own. She wants to ink it and color it (if it needs color), but not pull the weight of penciling as she's already shouldering enough of that. So right now, I've taken one of those fleshed out ideas and am trying to get my own penciling up to a good quality that she can ink. If all goes well, my favorite phrase these days, you'll see the results of this before the year's out!

Sort of Secret Project #3. For two years now, Caroline and I have been bouncing a story around between us. It's taken a lot of fighting it, but I'm fairly sure we've found the best way to handle this project. This one is iffy for release at all this year, but it's likely to be worked on. How do I know that? Well, the full plot outline is just about done. My goal, once that is done, is to have the script's first draft done in the coming months and edit it as necessary until it's in a state we're both happy with. After that...well, things will get interesting.

And then who knows what else! Hopefully this blog will get more regular updates in terms of art and sketches and in-progress work! Maybe something crazy will happen and push other things to the wayside! That's the fun of a whole new year, especially when we're crazy enough to work on so much at once!

I do want to thank everyone that has followed us this past year, too! Getting started is rough, and we need all the support we can get, no matter how small it is. All I can ask is to keep with us, don't be afraid to tell us what you think, and definitely don't be afraid to tell your friends!

So there it is, a text-filled preview of things to come! Hope everyone has a safe and fun New Years Eve and that the world doesn't suddenly end at midnight in your specific time zone!

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