Tuesday, August 23, 2011

STS-1: Ready for Launch

So here we are, Serious Turtle Studio.

This is the soon to grow art home of Graham and Caroline Johnson. We're a husband and wife art team, and our focus is on comics. Which, of course, means that most of what will soon be here will be focused on the comic projects we're working on, plus random odds and ends here and there.

I'll make the rest of this short, as this is just an introduction that's likely only to be seen by few and then never gone back to by anyone that discovers this place after...and that's fine.

At this point, here's our plan for this blog. For the next few weeks, every Wednesday, we'll be posting a single page from a comic short story we created together for the Eagle Initiative. Sadly, the competition failed to happen, but we still want to show the work off. I'll talk more about it tomorrow when I post the first page, but suffice to say, the story is the first comic we've worked on fully together, and while it definitely isn't perfect, we're both proud of it on the whole.

Beyond that, there will be some irregular updates in the form of small previews of what we're currently working on and possibly random doodles.

Lastly, you can check out more of Caroline's previous work over at her Deviantart page. She'll likely be crossposting much of what ends up here over there, but I know there will also be things on that page that never make it to this blog. So definitely follow her there, too. As for me, you can find my musing on comics and sometimes other topics over at my other blog, The Next Panel. I tend to babble, clearly, so you've been warned.

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