Sunday, August 28, 2011

STS-3: Fantasy Webcomic Announcement!

For the last year, if you've followed Caroline or I, you've seen us talking about a fantasy comic we're working on. Well, not only are we well ahead on the work, but it now has a title and its time to talk about it in a real capacity finally!

Of Stars and Swords is a fantasy webcomic we'll be launching very soon. It follows a young Half-Elf girl, Seren, as she deals with the usual troubles of a high fantasy world: Magic, zombies, monsters, and of course, other greedy adventurer types. There will be a fairly good sized rotating cast of other characters through the comic, and we'll be launching with a story all about Seren's history and back story before diving into everything else.

Once we go live with the comic, we'll be updating twice a week. The main update day will consist of the page for that week, and the second update each week will be background information, development sketches, and other bits and pieces of world building info.

Until the full on launch, I'll be posting preview panels and other pieces of art here. To kick that off, here's our first, and still main, design for Seren. Enjoy!

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