Monday, November 14, 2011

STS-28: Character Design Sketches

Today's update consists of two things! Amazing!

The first is Caroline's base sketch for our redesign of Aram. The importance here was in the clothing, as we needed to start basically from scratch. We worked with the idea of the heavy shoulders and a longer coat, with Caroline really working out how the bracers and ankles would look. The staff gave us some trouble, as we didn't want to be too boring or Caroline came up with the little bend in it with the spherical top.

The next sketch is our attempt to design some robes for Baldur. You can see the three basic ideas we put together for styles at the top. In all honesty, there was really no contest with what was the strongest, but it was good to work others out on paper to see. Colors took some thinking, as we wanted a sun motif without being too much. And, as you can see, Caroline loved designing the shoes. I just had to look at them and say "They look great."

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